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Optical System
CNC brake-formed, multi-faceted optimized reflector is available in a variety of finishes, materials and configurations. Specular aluminum reflector with a minimum reflectance of 95% is standard. The protective layer provided is to be removed during installation which ensures a clean, blemish-free reflective surface. Prismatic and optically clear lens is available. Optional uplight component available.
Knockout is provided for single stem mounting (1/2" trade or 3/4" rigid pipe).
CNC brake-formed, code gauge steel housing and ends. Return lip on housing and welded end plates provides exceptional rigidity. Optional wireguard and lens are securely retained by a rigid door frame assembly. The optional welded wireguard is recommended for gymnasium applications, which includes door frame screws for increased product performance and security.
White, polyester powder painted housing.
Rotary lampholders ensure positive lamp retention. All electrical components are CSA approved or UL listed. See product selection for optional ballasts. Sufficient knockouts are provided for connections and through wiring.
Approved to CSA and UL standards (UL, or equivalent, marked only when specified).

Series FHBE-Specification Grade Fluoresent Highbay