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Series HBP (Enclosed Highbay)
Series HBG (Industrial Highbay)
Series HBPDF
(Enclosed Highbay w/Frame and Lens)
Series FHB
Baffled Fluorescent Highbay
Series HBN
Narrow Shallow Body Fluorescent Highbay
Series HBT
Economy Fluorescent Highbay
Compact Fluorescent Highbay
Series H5L
Economy Fluorescent Highbay
The Advantages of the Fluorescent High Bays
The most popular and productive lighting upgrades today involve replacing older fluorescent or HID lighting systems for High Performance Fluorescent High Bays providing dramatic energy savings and superior performance.
L.E.D.  Highbay
Series FHBG
Gasketed Fluorescent Highbay
Series FHBE
Specification Grade Fluorescent Highbay
We offer a full line of fluorescent highbays to meet your application.  Please browse the T5, T8 and Compact Fluorescent Highbays to find the best lighting for your application.
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